Colloidal Silver Water Generator

The Silver Water Generator “CSG-1” is designed for generation of silver water (solution of water and silver ions) at home.
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Silver ions are released into water when electric current flows between the two silver electrodes of the device.
Device operation is controlled by microcomputer, which, depending on the parameters water measured through the electrodes, determines the time of operation.
Using a microcomputer ensures high reliability and precise operation. The latter fact is important because the device is intended for making of “silver water” for drinking and exceeding the concentration of silver in the water is extremely undesirable.
Thus, the microcomputer ensures safety of silver water obtained. This is a very significant advantage of “CSG-1” over other similar devices.
The Silver Water Generator “CSG-1” is intended only for home usage.
Drinking - water with concentration of silver ions from 0.03 mg per liter to 0.1mg per liter. Such water is permitted for drinking and cooking according to international health rules.
Such water can also be used in food making. Silver water extends shelf life of marinated foods, cookies and canned vegetables, and is also widely used for disinfection of surfaces of toys and dishes.
Concentrate - water with concentration of silver ions higher than 1 mg per liter. This water can be used for external use, gargle, douches,cosmetic purposes, watering of plants and their seeds or washing of fruits and vegetables.


Quality of “Silver water” depends on the type of water used for preparation. Therefore, to make superior “Silver water” for drinking, we recommend using bottled drinking water with low mineral content.
You can recognize such water by its label - you should chose water with less mineral content and conductivity.

Construction of “CSG-1” device

The upper part of the device has a START button and LED indicator. The bottom part has a special holder for silver electrodes. Both electrodes are made of pure silver (99.99%purity) and have length of 10 cm. and thickness of 1.5 mm.
When turned on, the device applies voltage to the silver electrodes. If electrodes are immersed in water constant electric current flows between them. Under the influence of this current, the anode (electrode with positive voltage applied) begins to release silver ions in the water. The amount of silver ions released in water is proportional to the magnitude of current flowing between the electrodes and the time of electrolysis (Faraday's law).
Current magnitude and duration of the operation cycle is controlled by the microcomputer of the device. The device is powered with 9V battery, which guarantees safety and mobility.

Working with the device:

Press the START button.

A brief audible and visual signal will indicate beginning of the process of obtaining silver water. During the process the LED indicator pulsates according to the speed of releasing of silver ions in the water – the less mineralized the water is, the greater the pause between the pulses is.

The duration of the process can vary from 1to 15 minutes depending on the mineralization level of the water. With averagely mineralized water, the process takes about a minute, while with less mineralized water, such as distilled water, the process may take about 15 minutes. The process is automatically completed after separation of 0.15 mg of silver ions.

Process completion is indicated by an interrupted audible and light signal.


Preparation for work:

Installing battery: open the lid of the device, place the battery and fasten with the clasps. Cleaning electrodes: remove the plug with electrodes from the bottom part of the device body, unscrew the electrodes with a screwdriver and clean them with a damp cotton cloth. Swap the electrodes every 100-200 cycles for evenly wearing.

Preparation of water vessel:

Use a plastic bottle with spring or mineral water. As the quantity of silver ions released per cycle is 0.15 mg, the concentration of silver ions depends on the amount of water that will be used and is as follows:
5.0 liter bottle of water - concentration: 0.03 mg/L.
3.0 liter bottle of water - concentration: 0.05 mg/L.
1.5 liter bottle of water - concentration: 0.10 mg/L.

To obtain silver water with high concentration level,  use a glass or jar:

200 ml. glass - concentration: 0.75 mg/L.
150 ml. glass - concentration: 1.00 mg/L.
100 ml. glass - concentration: 1.50 mg/L.

Warning: do not use metal containers for making of silver water.

If you need higher concentration level, you can repeat the ionization procedure several times in the same volume of water. Two cycles give double concentration level, three cycles give triple concentration level and so on.
Do not make water with concentration above 10 mg/L. High concentration causes silver particles to merge and settle down, which causes quality of the silver water to deteriorate. Do not use silver water with concentration level above 0.1mg/L. for drinking without medical prescription.


Prepare the water vessel.
Place the device above the water vessel. Both electrodes should be immersed in water. The plug should be 10 mm. above the water surface.
Place the device above the water vessel. Both electrodes should be immersed in water. The plug should be 10 mm. above the water surface.
Press the START button to initiate the process of ionization.
Starting the process is indicated by a brief audio and visual signal.
Normal operation of device is indicated by pulsing light signal - the pulsing frequency depends on the speed of releasing of silver ions in the water.
During operation the device does not respond to pressing of the START button.
Wait for the ionization process to complete. Completion of the process is signaled by an interrupted audible and light signal.
Remove electrodes from water. If there is water over the body of the device wipe with a dry cloth.
Stir or shake the vessel with silver water and keep it in a dark place.
Silver Water is ready for use.

Special situations:

Operation of device can be interrupted prematurely by removing electrodes from water and waiting for 30 seconds. The device will turn off automatically, which will be indicated by a continuous audible and light signal. In this case the silver water will not reach the desired concentration!

Process duration:

Processing time is determined automatically and depends on the level of water mineralization, its temperature and the depth of immersion of the electrodes. During preparation of silver water a dark coating is formed on one of the silver electrodes – the anode. It is recommended to clean this coating with a damp cotton cloth immediately after the process completes.

Useful properties of silver:

Today it is difficult to say when man had discovered healing properties of this precious metal. It is known, for example, that 2500 years BC Egyptian troops have used silver for treatment of war wounds - they used to place very thin sheets of silver on wounds which helped to heal them more quickly due to anti-bacterial properties of silver.
Nowadays manufacturers coat gauze bandages with silver ions. Silver ions are the most active elements of silver and can be obtained with electrolysis in water environment using special equipment.
The “CSG-1” device provides optimal concentration of active silver ions for useat home. Active silver ions easily penetrate tissues of living organisms and circu- late freely in bloodstream and tissue fluids. In case of contact with pathogenic microbes, viruses and fungi they penetrate through their outer shells just as easily and destroy them.
The amount of silver in tissues of our body is about 0.020 mg. per 100 grams of dry matter. Most silver in our body is contained in the brain, the core of nerve
cells, the glands of the endocrine system, the eye retina and the bones. Silver is a necessary structural element of tissues of our body.
Silver usually enters our body with food like cucumbers, cabbage and fennel, but in very small and insufficient quantities. Daily use of “silver water” with concentration of 0.030 mg/L. helps to satisfy the needs of our body.
Bactericidal properties of silver occur at minimum concentration of 0.030 mg/L in silver water, which is sufficient for destruction of pathogenic types of germs, viruses and fungi.
During the autumn-winter season, prophylactic use of "silver" water helps the body resist colds and influenza viruses and during summer to resist gastric bacterial infections.

Storage of "silver" water

As widely known, silver adds new properties to water and allows storage of such water for a long time. That is why sailors have been using silver vessels to store drinking water supplies since ancient times.
Today, marine vessels, aircrafts and space stations are equipped with specialized silver ionizers, which prevent water from development of microorganisms and take care of crew’s health.
If you go on a journey, take the silver water generator and you will always be able to make silver water anywhere. If spring or well water is used, make silver water with concentration of 0.05 mg/L., and allow several hours for silver ions to be able to completely destroy microorganisms.
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Quantity of silver ions emitted per cycle: 0,15 mg. ±0,01 mg.
Technical resource of electrodes when used for ionization of 1L. of water, at least:
Technical resource of electrodes when used for ionization of 1L. of water, at least:10 000 cycles
Battery type: 9V, PP3, 6F22
Resource of battery, at least: 3000 cicli
Quantity of silver ions emitted per cycle: 0,15 mg. ±0,01 mg.
Weight of device, up to:250 gr.
Weight of silver electrodes (99,99% purity): 3,7 gr.
Diameter of electrodes: 1,5 mm.
Length of electrodes: 100 mm.

Package content:

1pc. "CSG-1" Colloidal Silver Water Generator device
2 pcs. Silver electrodes with 99,99%silver purity
1 pc. Battery 9V, PP3, 6F22 (if DPD delivery is selected)
1pc. Operation Manual 

Warranty: 24 Months

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