What is Zapper?

This device is a frequency generator at 30KHz, which has a detrimental effect on bacteria, parasites, fungi and others through a bioresonance effect.
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Our zapper uses high quality electrical components, copper handles and 9V battery.
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Technical parameters

Power: standard 9V battery (PP3, 6F22)
Frequency: 30 KHz
Electrodes: 2 pcs. copper
Indicator: LED
Turning ON/OFF: with a switch
Battery duration (duration of work with one battery): 200 sessions
Warranty: 24 months
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Switch on the device. When the device is upright, the LED lights up red.
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If it does not light up, check that the battery is inserted.
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For better conductivity, you can moisten your hands with water or cover the handles of the device with wet towels. Hold the handles.
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You must not touch the electrodes.
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One session is three series of 7 minutes of work with the device, with 20 minutes of rest in between.
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Release the handles, turn off the device.
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Be sure to turn off the device after use to avoid draining the battery.
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To change the battery, you will need to open the Zapper’s box with tweezers or screwdriver. The zapper uses a standard 9V battery (PP3, 6F22).
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What is Zapper

The zapper is a simple electrical device that kills virulent bacteria, viruses and parasites by electro-magnetic fields (on the principle of bioresonance).

The Zapper was originally discovered by Dr. Raymond Rayf during the 30-ies of the 20th century. For one or another reason his discovery remained forgotten until Dr. Hulda Clark from the USA publishes her scientific work in the book “The cure for all diseases”, which is based on theories of Dr. Rayf.

Hulda Clark uses methods for treatment of all diseases caused by viruses and bacteria with 9V electrical impulses.

Dr. Hulda Clark claims that the cause of all diseases, including AIDS and cancer, is some kind of infection - infection with parasites. All bacteria, fungi, viruses, worms and intestinal worms are parasites.
Based on Dr. Raymond Rife's theories, Dr. Hulda Clark created a device she called ‘Zapper’. It kills parasites, bacteria, viruses, mycelium and fungi with high-frequency electricity, and viruses and bacteria disappear in a period of 3 minutes, tapeworms and flukes in 5 minutes, and mites – in 7 minutes.
To do this, positive pulses with very low voltage that destroys the parasites when it reaches them. The electricity generated is from 5 to 10 volts and does not reach the eyes, the appendix, the testicles, the inner ear bones. It passes through the abdominal wall, but not through the contents of the stomach. It does not affect the bile and the living cells. In fact, electricity passes mainly through the body fluids - through the lymphatic and circulatory systems, and a very small part reaches the organs and tissues of our body. Blood and lymph are what Zapper aims at.
Parasites can be killed with very low voltage, but only if the voltage is 100% positive offset and constant frequency. Conversely, negative tension sustains their lives. Therefore, the minimum value to which the Zapper voltage drops is 0.25 volts and so it never gets negative.


Our zappers are manufactured according to the original scheme of Hulda Clark, published in her book
"The cure for all deceases". This scheme has been used and tested by Hulda Clark for her patients for a long time.
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The results that can be achieved with the device are strictly individual and depend on the efforts of each person. Eat more alkaline foods (fruits, fresh juices, vegetables, salads, smoothies, distilled water, silver water, herbs, superfoods, spirulina, chlorella, etc.). Drink more fluids so that the body can more easily cleanse itself of debris. Reduce acid intake foods (dough, gluten, yeast, sugar, animal protein).
The result for all clients is different and may vary. The product is not a medicine!
The Zapper is powered by a battery - 9 volts. This voltage is too low to cause damage to the body and high enough to destroy pathogens.

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Must not be used by people using a pace- maker, pregnant women, children under 8 years old and people with metal implants!
Delivery via Mail is free and usually takes 7-20 working days. For faster delivery, choose your DPD provider.
according to Hulda Clark
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